Saint Philip Preschool


Our Mission and Philosophy

Saint Philip Preschool is a Catholic preschool located in the heart of Noe Valley. We are committed to partnering with parents to assure the social/emotional, intellectual, spiritual and academic development of young children.  Our preschool provides a safe environment where children can further their awareness of God's love and creation through informal and formal interactions with other children and adults.  We support the growth of each child as an individual and as a member of a caring community. 

Our curriculum is centered on social/emotional skills—self-confidence and good citizenship. We plan fun, challenging activities in our large open classroom and play yard. We explore the neighborhood and celebrate the seasons and holidays of the year. We invite Parish and neighborhood families to join in building a strong community.

"A welcoming and nurturing environment which spurs curiosity and creativity and prepares for academic success."  -Anna (preschool parent)



Current Openings:


Whirling Van Goghs

Three Year Olds:  M-F 8:15-5:00

Whirling Van Goghs

Four Year Olds:  M-F 8:15-5:00

Divine da Vincis
Three Year Olds: M-F 8:15-12:45


Divine da Vincis

Four Year Olds:  M-F 8:15- 12:45







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