Whirling Van Gogh's

The Whirling Van Gogh's Program is for children age 3 years through 5+ years
MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY: 5 full day Preschool and childcare program
8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

All of the age appropriate activities mentioned in our other programs are also included. Children can arrive from 8:00 AM and stay up to any time to 5:30 PM. Our school will provide your child with a nutritious morning and afternoon snack as listed in our handbook. Children bring their own lunches and drink. We realize that a full day at the center may require a nap or rest time for children after lunch and outside play. Our nap/rest room will accommodate that need. Children who are 3 are included in the Monet’s & Picassos each morning from 8 AM to Noon. Children 4 will be included in Devine da Vinci’ AM program.

* A 5 full day program
* Supports social skills and character building
* Encourages self –help and language development
* Provides nurturing attention and conversation
* Cooperative learning
* Circle time with music and movement, story and participation
* Open center discovery and exploration
* Fine motor development
* Math readiness
* Gross motor focus
* Art, science and cooking experience