Divine da Vinci's

The Divine da Vinci's Program is for the pre-Kindergarten ages 4 to 5+years
8:00 am to 12 noon.

Fun & Pre-Kindergarten skills will include cutting, drawing, gluing, beginning printing and creative art as we investigate letter recognition, beginning sounds and the connection between print and language. Our enrichment program will take us through literature as we create books, put on our own story productions, and make puppets. Each week features an alphabet letter and through the curriculum Handwriting Without Tears, the children are introduced to handwriting.   with various related activities. Monthly color, shape and number are added to our thematic curriculum. The foundation for math will be reinforced by math games, puzzles, sorting, categorizing and measurement. Our goal is to build a community of motivated, secure, happy and respectful learners. All of our Pre-K children are free to explore our enriched enviroment in ways that expand with their increasingly varied interests.  They learn self-help and social-emotional skills that will help them participate in classroom life.  In addition, the teachers introduce specific Pre-Kindergarten activities that challenge their emerging skills.  A take home packet is included with this program with ideas for enhancing the skills for being 4 and “ANOTHER YEAR TO GROW “ before entering kindergarten. A nutritious snack and drink is included in the afternoon. ‘Acrosports’, a beginning gymnastics/tumbling and exercise program plus Music enrichment and Yoga is also included once per week.

Highlights include:
* Encourages pre-reading, listening skills and self expression
* Pre-math and math-readiness concepts
* Fine motor and pre-writing
* Encouraged to develop social skills and emotional maturity
* Stimulates creativity and self–expression through art, dramatic play, and performing arts.
* Daily enriched transitional kindergarten featuring small group
* Low student-Teacher ratio